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Add Up To $$$$/Month In Your Dental Practice
Even Working  Only 3 Days/Week
By Adding 3D Printing

All While Increasing Patient Satisfaction!


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"Dr. Griffin Literally Just Taught Us How to Print Money.  If that Doesn't Interest You... You Might Be BrainDead!"
- Dr. Sean O'Rourke, Cumming, GA

Dear Savvy Dental Pro,

Are you itching to make your dental office the talk of the town? Does it sometimes feel like dental school prepared you for everything except actually running a dental practice? Do you wish you just had a blueprint you could follow to see overwhelming success?

That's exactly what you are going to learn at this eye-opening event.

🌟 Master Your Market: Discover the hidden gem that'll skyrocket your practice. It's not something you learned in school, but it'll transform your game (Hint: It's 3D Printing!)

🔮 Future-Proof Your Practice: The dental world is evolving, and it's time you got in on the secret. We're revealing insights that'll put you miles ahead of the competition.

🛡️ Solid Profits No Matter The Economy: Through thick and thin – insurance headaches, financial fluctuations – we've got the strategies to keep your patients coming back for more.

🚧 Overcome Obstacles: Feeling blocked by unseen barriers to more profits and less work? We'll identify the top challenges and knock them down together!

💎 The "Wow" Effect: Picture your patients excited to visit, no insurance strings attached. We've cracked the code!

🏆 Be the Best: Skip the price wars. We'll guide you to excellence so you can stand out from the crowd.

🚀 Kick Doubts to the Curb: Ignore the little voice saying you can't. It's nonsense, and we're here to help you crush it and elevate your practice.

📦 Smart Service Bundling: Say goodbye to the endless cycle of appointments. We'll show you how to package your services for efficiency and impact.

🔥 Lead Like a Legend: Attracting, retaining, and wowing patients – we'll walk you through the essentials, step by step. And if you're unsure about leads, you definitely need to hear this!

Ready to become the dentist everyone raves about – for all the right reasons? Let's get started!

Your trailblazing dental practice is just around the corner...

Course Information

Tuition - Doctor $6997
Doctor Tuition Includes FREE Tuition for One Team Member.  

Each Additional Team Member Tuition is $1247

CE Credits - 16

In order to Help You Master the Secret to 3D Printing and Earn More While Working Less, We Will Show You How To:

✔ Accelerate Your Practice Growth
✔ Have a Bigger Impact
✔ Help More People
✔ Have More Time Freedom
✔ Get Paid What You're Worth

  Location - Dr. Griffin's Office
415 East Walnut Street
Ripley, MS 38663
Here's What Other Dentists (Just Like You) Have Said About Our Past Trainings...
Dr. Loren Robinson
"My staff is so excited to go back and implement everything 3D!"

Dr. Drew Clement

"You'll be way ahead of the Curve."

Kendra from Dr. Whatley's

"..he has gone Step-by-Step... 
I love this course!"

Dr. Mike Luminais

"..This is a Game-Changer."

Dr. Sonia White

"Take this class!!"

Dr. EJ Tahir - Orthodontist

"It made the complex, easy"
"I really liked the projects."

Andy Lawrence - Lab Owner

".This is where dentistry is going and it will definitely save you on your lab bill."

Dr. Emily Gimness

"..I feel confident I can implement this right away."

Dr. Michelle Crews

"I'm leaving here with pearls"

This Isn't Your Average Event. We'll actually be working together for you to implement all of our secrets in your practice! A full 2 days of growth-focused training from dentists already achieving what you want in your own practice!



  • Designing Your Own In-House Dental Lab
  • ​Hands On Digital Scanning Capture and Manipulation
  • ​Intro to Basic 3D Software with Dental Applications
  • ​Model Creation Workflow A-Z and Hands On 3D Model Printing
  • ​Intro to 3D Printing Digital Dentures
  • ​Immediate Denture Workflow A-Z
  • ​Immediate Denture Case Design Step-by-Step


  • In-House Clear Aligner Workflow A-Z
  • ​Intro to 3D Printed Surgical Guides
  • ​Surgical Guide Workflow A-Z
  • ​Surgical Guide Case Step-by-Step
  • ​Temporary Partial/Flipper Case Design Step-by-Step
  • ​Temporary Crowns Workflow A-Z
  • ​Review Case Studies

Spending these 2 days with us will allow you to discover the exact strategies you need to find FREEDOM in your practice.

We don't have any extra "talent" or "genius IQ" that you don't already possess. We are just ordinary people who put their pants on one leg at a time every morning like you do. The only difference is we've discovered the process and implemented the right strategies to grow. You can learn and implement these same skills and see the same success!

Meet The Expert That Will Be Working Side-By-Side With You During The Whole Event!
Chris Griffin dds, fagd, fidia
In 2009 Dr. Griffin was coined the “Most Efficient Dentist in America” by Dr. Woody Oakes after producing 3 times the national average in 3 days per week doing primarily high volume dentistry.  

2020 gave Dr. Chris Griffin the opportunity to rebrand his practice and provide more advanced dental services at a slower pace with an increase in profit AND PRODUCTION due to the power of 3d printing.

Now, he is on a mission to help dentists work less, make more, and enjoy practice again by harnessing the power of practice automations to increase case acceptance and drastically lower overhead FOR advanced services like dental implants, orthodontics, digital dentures, AND MORE.
This Event Was Built For Serious Dentists That Want To Finally FREE Themselves FROM THEIR PRACTICE.

We are dedicated to bringing you the best. This will not be a bunch of theories. We will be showing you all of the secrets we have to help you see explosive growth.

You will be filling your notepads full of actionable, profitable techniques and blueprints for you to implement in your practice right away!

Questions? You can reach us at (662)837-8141 - Ask for Lupita

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