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Imagine What It Would Feel Like to ......?
  •  Have the Peace of Mind that when you spend hard earned time and money on learning a new procedure or skill, your team will make sure its successful.
  •  Know for Sure That Your Team is Giving Maximum Effort because it's in their best interest to grow the practice 24/7.
  •  Take More Time Off and Know the Practice Won't Fall Apart
  • Walk in, do the dentistry, and leave, Knowing that your team is taking care of all the little details that you hate, but they are happy to deliver with a smile.
  •  Never Have to Have the Awkward Discussion about Raises Again because your team has a way to get more income while manifesting your practice vision
  •  Have a Practice that for all intents and purposes runs Itself with minimal management time (like 10 minutes) from you and still grows consistently
  • And, Many, Many More Big Benefits from this System.
**at only 102 pages, you can easily read this in one sitting and implement in your practice starting the next day.
All this is possible for you, and it all starts with the
What is the Silicon Valley Bonus System?
It is a Brand New way to motivate and incentivize your team to get more done at your practice.

They will be happy to get new procedures and systems implemented as the Silicon Valley System breaks those Big Ideas that you know will grow and improve your practice down into fun, bite-sized tasks that your current team can easily accomplish without having to hire expensive outside consultants or marketing companies.

When you reward your team for moving the practice forward, you will build a team of happy, motivated superstars who are happy to take burdens off the shoulders of the doctor.

By tapping into this program, you will have a team that takes care of all the little details that make modern dentistry such a grind.

Your team wants to lead.  They just don't have the right systems or incentive structure to make that happen.  This is that system.  Grab your copy of the book and empower your team to make your life easier and your practice better, today!
Meet the Author
Hey everybody, I'm Dr. Chris Griffin, a full-time private practicing dentist, more than full-time Dad and husband, best-selling author, part-time lecturer and pumpkin farmer, avid bass and catfisherman and golfer, and semi-professional marketing expert. 

All that to say.... I'm a busy dentist, just like you! 

Before we implemented the Silicon Valley System in our practice:
  •  Had a ton of great ideas we could just never get implemented because I was too distracted.
  •  Had a bunch of frustrated team members who wanted more opportunity, but no way to get it.
  •  Were always putting out fires and never working ON our practice to make it better.
Installing the Silicon Valley Bonus Fixed All of That!
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Chances are you are either not getting the results you want or you know your team is close to a breaking point… or BOTH!

This amazingly simple system that started in Silicon Valley is seeping into smart practices all over the country and helping them implement using their #1 asset, a happy, motivated team.

BE CAUTIOUS WITH THIS SYSTEM! It drives practice growth so well that you may want to cancel your expensive consulting programs or marketing contracts. 

It will also be very difficult to take away from your team once they understand how it gives them new and exciting opportunities to make their jobs easier and their lives better.  Hint: that makes YOUR life better, too!

The good news is that it will also give you the peace of mind to know that you can sustain growth without fear of creating a runaway, monster bonus system that would eventually wreck your practice and make everyone miserable.

No leader can build the practice of their dreams without a strong foundation. This system provides that foundation in a way that will last the test of time.
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and build a practice that makes your life better!
From the Silicon Valley System and Dr. Chris Griffin
Teamwork is the #1 benefit we received from using the Silicon Valley System in our practice, and I would say the most valuable thing is the organization this provides.  If someone I knew was starting their own practice, and needs a great direction, Silicon Valley can pave their way!
-Allee Prevatte, EFDA, Total Dental Care, Columbia, SC
One thing that surprised me about this system was just how quickly the project tasks were taken by the team and how quickly they were done.  Projects are getting done a whole lot faster instead of being put on the backburner!
-Teresa, DentalCares
Our #1 benefit has been that we are able to build a binder full of proven systems by breaking them down into tasks that employees can accomplish and get rewarded for helping move the practice forward.
-Arynn Maxa, Chesaning Family Dental, Chesaning, MI
"Chris is one of the most Real World, Down the Earth, Efficient Dentists on Earth! The way he approaches scheduling and systems is genius. Chris is an amazing dentist, outstanding person, and truly one of dentistry's thousand points of light!
Dr. Howard Farran, DDS, MBA, MAGD - Founder of Dentaltown
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and build a practice that 
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"Finally, a bonus system that motivates longterm!"
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